Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Spring has SPRUNG around here. My azaleas are bodacious.

The trees are lush and dappled.

Mr. B and I are hard at work making my garden go from drab to fab.

With a little help from Bears and friends!

Let's do this Sugarbear.

Yard Sale season is cranking up.

It's a great time for some outdoor entertaining in my messy yard.

Excellent star gazing and porch sitting weather.

It's a great time to take a field trip to see some chickens at Funny Girl Farm and buy some pretty eggs and orange beets.

Or visit the treehouse at Honeysuckle Tea House.

My seeds are all changing visibly from day to day. I had a $100 Home Depot shopping spree thanks to some points we earned on our credit card and I bought a bunch of plants. My online plants finally came and I got it all in the ground before the heavens opened and it poured for three days.

I hope to have some more garden pictures for you soon!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Houses We Have Known Part I Part II

This is part of a series of reminiscing about our old houses that had floor in the bathrooms....

Last time I saw you we were checking out the yard of this house that G calls "The House of Snow"

Come on in!

This house was a huge house. 2600 sq ft. That might not sound big to you but to us it was huge. We had 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a ton of space....most of it kind of weird. See, this house used to belong to the town dog catcher and apparently he was kind of a kid catcher too because he had a lot of pets and a lot of kids. He also fancied himself somewhat of a handy man...which is why he added a bunch of new rooms an did weird stuff like accidentally leave hammers in the walls. He got foreclosed on, someone bought a flipped the house lickety split, and then we bought this beige walled and beige carpeted palace.

To the right when you come in is a super small bedroom that we used for B's "office."

On the other side was the living room. This was my cozy spot.

My favorite room in the house, decor wise, was our dining room. It had lovely light throughout the day and my favorite paint color.

Another room with good light was the downstairs master. 

The downstairs master was big and had a big closet in a large powder room with a teeny tiny mint green shower.  Most of the time we lived there we pretended it didn't exist.

We had a big laundry room too but it was also kind of a weird use of space. 

Well, hello sweetie face.

The kitchen was the worst thing in the house. It was very pretty, yes...but VERY small. It was like they flipped where the breakfast nook was with the kitchen. It was dark and cramped. You couldn't have the dishwasher open at the same time as the lower cabinets. Other than that you never had to take too many steps to unload the dishwasher.

The rest of the kitchen was, oddly, wide open and empty.

And it connected to another living area.

That had a little powder room that (apparently) the dogcatcher tried to install a Jacuzzi in but it fell through the floor. Oops.

Upstairs was laid out super duper weird, with a very CLOSED floorplan made up of choppy bedrooms and lots of doors. When we first toured the house I remember going from beige room to beige room through lots of strangely placed doors.

We had a nice sized guest room.

A huge master bedroom that we never managed to fill.

This is the same bed that swallowed up our entire new bedroom for scale.

The master bath had peach tile and was split into two small rooms with a door that led to the hall.

G's room was long and had two attics and two eaves so it had lots of nooks and crannies. That's cool when you're little but loses its charm when you're a teenager and want to spread out. His current room is a nice, big, square.

Across the hall in a tiny sliver of a bedroom I had my craft room. It was small but it was so nice to have that space and have a closet just for all of my supplies.

Even though this house was about 1,000 sq feet bigger than our current house it wasn't a good fit for us. The rooms felt cramped and strange. The floor plan was bizarre. It was a chore to heat and cool the whole thing and any remodeling project really jumped up in price because of how much square footage we had. All of us always hung out in the green room together and left the rest of the house empty. I am surprised to report that I don't miss it. At all. I really thought that I would.

This house for all of its flaws really fits us better. We have square rooms that suit our needs, better closets and a much nicer kitchen. B and I can both prep food in the kitchen at the same time without bumping into each other. Downsizing was scary at first but I think we fit in this cozy cottage a lot better than in our beige mansion.

Although, I do miss the floors in the bathrooms sometimes....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Houses We Have Known Part I

It wasn't always like this.

I didn't always live in a house without a downstairs bathroom.

We generally do have light switch covers.

We haven't always had a yard that rivaled the flea market.

It hasn't always been so...adventurous...housewise.

Before we lived here we lived in five other houses together! I know! That's a lot of houses. Each house has a nick name and a good reason why we moved. (Yes, a good reason.) I thought it'd be fun to go back to Memory Ln and check out some of the other places we lived before coming to Green Mountain. 

First, I'll start you off with our previous abode. It was a lovely house, a steal, and so, so, so humongous. (For us. YMMV.) We were looking for a big house to spread out and settle down after filling the previous houses with all of our stuff. After a tumultuous house hunting season we found this beauty and moved in.

Right before we moved in, you might recall, my husband cut off his thumb. (Don't worry they reattached it.) Moving with a stubborn husband who is not allowed to use his hand at all is very challenging! 

I love a Cape Cod. Isn't she a beauty?

This house had a big back deck that we hardly ever used because it had almost no privacy. 

I do not miss mowing the huge lawn. I hope to never mow a lawn again.

Next time we'll tour the first floor with Sugarbear!