Friday, February 5, 2016


It's been a hot minute since I posted anything.

Well, that's ok. We've been working on the bathroom a bit. I have two NASA projects, a club to sponsor and a full course load so I've had a bit going on. Add snow and then freakishly nice weather into that and you have a recipe for me spending less time typy-typing.

Mr. G got accepted to NCSU in the school of engineering. We're all very, very, very excited. I also got into NCSU engineering a million years ago so I'm happy to have someone get to go there! Full circle! We found out about the news while we were out at dinner and then ran around town being ridiculous in public to celebrate.

The club I sponsor had a "wine" and design day where we painted geodes. Some of them turned out amazing and I want to steal them all.

The largest source of errors in my blog posts is the fact that the 
 mouse pad on my laptop has a mind of its own and sometimes it decides it wants to do something dumb. It's a little bit like the game where you drop a clothespin in a bottle but with sometimes highlighting and deleting everything.

Like I said it snowed....well really, it iced enough to cover everything. It's been really warm since then but we still have piles of gross ice in heaps everywhere.

And then, the bathroom:

Rumor has it I'll have tile and a toilet by Monday. What's the high/low on those odds?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

America's Best Top Waffles

You need to make these waffles.

These waffles taste like beignets without the hassle of, you know, making beignets.

We might, at some point, make other waffles....but we've made these three times in the month of January and it's only the 17th so maybe not.

Crisp, fluffy, buttery and so light. 

On Saturday B ate at least 5 of them and one of our guests lost count. 

Don't be intimidated by the yeast. It doesn't need any help from you. It's not like bread where you need to proof it. As long as you don't put it in when your melted butter is sizzling hot you'll be ok. If your ingredients are a temperature where comfortable poking a finger in then they are ok for the yeast.

And don't be skeeved out by the fact that it has milk in it but sits out overnight. The yeast is going to take care of things for you.

It'll make your house smell like a French bakery. Ooh la la.

On Saturday we made these waffles and a quiche because J and his fiance M came over to do some crafts and work on an engineering project. The boys are finally going to make a forge. Well, as soon as the bathroom is done. Which might be soon...but then again I said that a year ago. Yesterday we had planned to work on the bathroom  all afternoon, but I'm sick, so instead I fell asleep for two hours.

Lots of ginger and large noses in this photo. 

Also, if you look in the background at that melee of furniture? Most of it is gone!! We donated it to Pennies for Change Thrift in Durham. The old kitchen table, the couch, the armchair and the bench are all gone! My den is breathing a big sigh of relief!

Two more pieces of furniture are being moved to my office upstairs and then I can rearrange things in here to a way that makes sense. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

TRACE Wildlife Camera and Kidde Lync

For my birthday and Christmas this year I received two motion activated cameras. I got a TRACE wildlife camera and a Kidde Lync. 

The TRACE camera is build for the outdoors, easy to set up and has a night feature. It runs on batteries and stores photos or 30 second video on an SD card. It has a wider variety of functions that I have not explored.The Lync pairs with an app to send alerts directly to your phone with video and photos whenever it is tripped. You have the option of sending alerts to multiple phones and emails and to set up an instant emergency number to a person or 911. This app has lots of features that I haven't used.

Mostly I am interested in using these camera to watch the local wildlife but I am also trying to solve a few mysteries.

Within a few days we'd solve the case of....who is eating the apples by the compost?


Does Grey Cat ever come in the house?

Does Sugar P. Bear ever leave the house when we're not at home?

Who is leaving lentils in the laundry baskets and cat food in Gavin's bed?


The first night we had the Lync set up in the attic I hardly got any sleep because my phone was vibrating every time we got an alert from 3am on. Now I arm it at different times and I've stopped push alerts to my phone. My brother bought me this camera to use as a Nanny Goat cam and be able to check in on Sugar while I'm at work.

Of the two cameras the TRACE has been more fun for me because I am mostly interested in what's going on in the yard and (hopefully) don't have too much to see in the house. Also, I'm a weirdo and I like the fact that I have to wait and see what's on the TRACE. It's really exciting to see what I get! This time it was mostly videos of the HVAC guys going back and forth but also this:


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Too many chairs

Right now in our living room we have:
- A sleeper sofa
- A brown couch
- A white couch
- A small brown armchair
- A medium brown armchair
- A large brown armchair
- A bench
- An extra kitchen table

Three people live here.

We have enough seats for all the people, all the pets and then some.

This reminds me of the time I moved into an apartment with some of my college friends and everyone's parents sent living room furniture with them. We had a lot of places to sit in our 800 sq ft apartment. (And four girls! And one bathroom!)

Oh and a ton of holiday laundry that I just sorted and folded!


Well, because Craigslist.

We knew we wanted to get rid of our "new" furniture. We knew we wanted IKEA Ektorp couches. We knew IKEA was 2.5 hours away and we discovered that two people were offering the IKEA things we wanted in almost brand new condition for less than half the price it would be if we drove to IKEA to get it.

So we got it.

And now it's all in the den until I can sell or donate the other stuff.

So come on over for a movie night. We have stadium seating. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As the bathroom turns.

When we last left our intrepid bathroom it looked a little something like this:

But now the plumbing is done, the subfloor is done and it looks like this!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Recap

Goodbye Christmas! You've been great but don't let the door hit you on your way out! I've already chucked my tree onto the back porch. I love Christmas but WOOooooOOOOOO! 

Four days of Christmas is a lot of Christmas. Here's what we ate on Boxing Day.

Look a kidney bean in my garbans!

Christmas was a fun blur with lots of cooking. Christmas Eve we had the Feast of NINE fishes because we are overachievers. Crab, krab, oysters, clams, salmon, shrimp, trout, eel, and whatever kinda roe was in the caviar.  It was delicious. 

The Italian Feast on Christmas was incredible. Lasagna, braciole, meatballs, antipasto, ziti, alfredo, peppers and onions, pizza, garlic bread, chicken parm, chicken piccata, cheesecake and cannoli. I felt full before we even started eating. 

 It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get a call from my mom, three hours earlier than expected, saying, "We're going over!"  This time I had wet hair and bread in the oven. So I blow dried my hair and we packed up the food to make the 40 minute drive to my brother's house for it to bake there.

I rarely blow out my hair so it was time for a glamorous selfie!

With my equally fabulous wreck of a kitchen as the back drop!

The dishes took 2 solid hours. We used ever cutting board in the house....and B loves a cutting board so we have like 15 of them. I think he may have even stolen some out of the Goodwill pile.

Many of my Christmas presents are improvements for the house. I got a great window bird feeder, patio lights, a Moravian star light, screen for a screened in porch and my nephew even built an Adirondack chair for me.

One of the best things was a gift we got ourselves on Black Friday. We had some helpful elves come help B bring it in!

Ta da! It's a new wood stove with a window! We have the pipe already installed but we are getting the chimney inspected and cleaned next week (bats) so we don't (bats) burn the house down because of bats.

Also, work on the bathroom has been humming along so we miiiigggghhhht have some sort of a bathroom by 2016. Might. Maybe. Probably? Bats.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I'm Dreaming of a Brown Chrismoose.

What a muddy Chrismoose we had this year.

On Chrismoose Eve we ate lunch at Sarah's Empanadas and then took a loooong hike on one of our favorite trails.

This hike was longer than normal because the torrential rain from the night before had left the river way above normal height and most of the trail was washed out.

This trail has a spot at the end where the river meanders and has huge boulders. It's a local swimming hole. This section was completely transformed due to flooding and was awe inspiring to look at. The water was so powerful that we saw a whole tree with the root ball still attached glide by.

After our hike we made a quick stop at some stores for supplies and bought the Bear  a new bed.

Doesn't she look angelic?

Instead of making dinner at home we opted to go out for Indian food and it was a great decision. We were totally stuffed and sleepy when we got home....but we managed to wrap presents and watch a Christmas movie because we are committed to the cause.

On Chrismoose Day it was p-o-u-r-i-n-g buckets. Our yard was flooded and the streams in the area were overflowing.  G made apple cider waffles for breakfast and then we opened presents. Some highlights of the Stocking Stuffer Challenge:

The hint was, "Yum, yum, yummy." G hates mayo so of course we got him the grossest mayo in the world.

One challenge was to get the weirdest but best tasting potato chip flavor. I bought creamy dill, Old Bay and CORN. CORN FLAVORED POTATO CHIPS?! Cause they don't make corn chips? Weird.

All of my challenges this year rhymed. I wrote, "Inky, blinky, stinky, rinky dink and thinky."

After presents we got coffee, paid for a stranger's coffee and then went home to start prepping for fish stew.

Which was a challenge on accounta the pouring rain.

But this is not our first tarp tent rodeo.

As a "light" lunch B made some sushi. Holy cow was that good. 

And I made a smores pie for after dinner. This pie was SO DANG good. You need to make it. Kroger has marshmallow fluff for ten cents right now. G ate two pieces.

It was cozy under the tent. Well, at least until the severe thunderstorm rolled in.

Time for the eggs!

G's girlfriend, G came over to celebrate with us this year.

And our friends the Frega's came over and helped us eat and then we played Scruples and Exploding Kittens!

I felt a little like an exploding kitten after all that yummy food and I didn't even eat a grilled cheese.

Today we ate salads for lunch and now we're starting to cook for the Feast of Seven Fishes at my parent's house tonight.