Saturday, September 28, 2013

Closing Time

Yesterday was our closing! Yay! It was a long day.

First, we went to the closing of our new house. It was a very emotional closing for me because I've loved our current house and really hoped to be there forever. Also, the buyers are getting a phenomenal deal. We had to bring money to the closing which we had not anticipated.

After the closing I was a little shell shocked so we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. If the hash brown casserole can't cure you it can at least distract you! We dashed back the old house to drop off a key before going to yet another attorneys office for our new house closing. This was a much less somber affair. We joked about being so familiar with the Register of Deeds and trying to run against him and had a lengthy discussion with our Realtor about DIY fireworks.

We stopped by Starbucks after the closing to celebrate and I had a PSL that hit the spot and gave me a much needed jolt of caffeine. B packed up the car with supplies while I caught up with my work email on the internet and Gchatted with the BFF.

Jessica Phipps:
Julie Hoover:

Then it was back over to our NEW HOUSE! 

Four big discoveries:
1. The MoldStat worked. WOO! It worked like a charm. In fact, it worked so well that we could see the only spot in the kitchen that B had missed when he was wiping everything down. It made a huge impact overnight.

2. The well was not sitting overnight as was running. The hot water tank had an open tap so it was leaking all night. Which means we wasted a lot of water and that we needed to start the process of shocking the well again.

3. We also met the neighbor across the street. He is 83 years old and built our house! He was very sweet and walked around with us to show us some issues that he knew about. 

4. He was thrilled we were moving in because the house has been vacant for a whole year! We thought it had only been since June of 2013. Finding that out was bad news in some ways but really explained some things.

In the next post I'll give you an updated on all the work we did on our very first day. Here's a preview:

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