Monday, September 23, 2013

The Best Thing

In October of 2012 my Sweetie Pea left his nightmare job for his dream job and we realized very quickly that we'd have to make some adjustments to our finances. So we had no choice but to put our house on the market even though it wasn't the most advantageous time to be selling a home. I loved our house but I love my husband even more!

My friends all tease me because I move so much and because I have been known to accidentally sell our houses on Craigslist when I'm bored. Well....let's just say that selling this house was no accident. 70 showings, two Realtors, a dead mouse, a back injury, a million Craigslist ads, hours of driving around with my dog in the car and three false starts later...we finally sold the house.

At one point we were under contract for a house near our favorite hiking spot and we thought it was the perfect thing for us. When the sale of our home fell through we were devastated because it meant that we had lost that home.

B (aka Sweetie Pea) always says, "The best thing will happen."  I tend to be less of a free spirit when it comes to the future. I want the thing I want to happen! And I want it to happen when I want it! (Now.) So when we lost that house I was pretty sure the best thing wasn't happening.

Fast forward a few months and we're tired of selling houses, a sweet deal just fell through because the Buyers decided to buy something more expensive and we're drinking coffee in downtown Hillsborough day dreaming about just throwing in the towel. We hatched a scheme to just rent out our giant house to cover the mortgage and buy or rent something tiny and dirt cheap. If the market ever picked up or if we ever sold the big house we could move somewhere else but in the mean time the constant invasion of privacy that is showings would cease and we'd be able to, like, DO STUFF and relax! So with the caffeine buzzing in my veins I sat down to scour the intarwebs to find a suitable house.

Not surprisingly I found a little but not a lot. I found fixer uppers in sketchy areas. I found oldies but goodies with potential but no square footage. I found rentals that wouldn't allow us to bring our goat, bear and pumpkin.

Frustrated, I gave up. Briefly. Because I'm stubborn and determined. But then I got back to work and started looking at foreclosures.

A few weeks ago B and I were driving and I asked him where he'd want to move if money was no option. He outlined a perfect spot on the map between my work, his work and our son's school. I laughed out loud because, while ideal, homes in that area were way out of our price range and impossible to come by.

At least, until I logged on to the foreclosure website and found a house right in the center of that Triangle of Awesome. AND it was in our price range!

Now, I love our Realtor. (Rob Bray with My Dog Tess. He's the best! He's so sweet and so good at his job! And he is totally, 100% not sleazy the way most Realtors are. He is just good people.) However, Rob refuses to take me to see houses in the middle of the night moments after I've found them. It's his only flaw, really. So I had to wait which is not my strong suit.

We got out to see the foreclosure and fell in love instantly. It needs a lot of work, which is why I'm starting a blog. The spot is ideal. The house was oozing with potential. (And other things but mostly potential.) It was the best thing. It was worth all the headache and heartache.

The icing on the cake? We sold our house the day we looked at this house. Perfect timing.

The cherry on the icing on the cake? The first two digits of the address are the day that B was born. The second two are the day that G and I were born.

At the end of this week we will move into our Green Mountain Cottage. It will be an I said it has potential...but we're up to the challenge.

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  1. Your hubby was right. The best thing happened! :D