Thursday, October 24, 2013



I posted this photo on Instagram (Hooliejoover) the other day and a few friends guessed that B was doing some sort of Breaking Bad themed Halloween costume. Nope! He's going to do battle with the mold in the crawlspace. He removed bag after bag of moldy insulation and now the house magically smells less musty! Woo! 

Insulation is never good in a crawl space. Spray foam or Styrofoam board is a much better option because of moisture issues.

While he was doing this I was upstairs hanging allllllll of our clothes on hangers. I'd show you a picture of our closets but they are looking ragged again. We've got six laundry baskets heaped with clothes to sort up there. That's what happens when you don't have laundry for three very dirty, muddy and sweaty weeks. 

(Sorry the photo is blurry. I was trying to catch this pose! B doesn't hold his good poses for long.)

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