Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday and Monday

Sunday some of our friends, my big brother and my coolest nephew came to help us move. After everything we had been through the move seemed like the easy part. Our helpers had good hustle and we were done by three. After that we went to return the truck and on the way there B swore, slammed on the brakes, pulled over and went running out of the truck. On the last turn we had lost the rental hand truck because the door was open.
B driving the moving truck.. Lookin' alert.  

After that I went to the old house to get the kitties. You know what's better than one kitty in the car? Two kitties in the car. You know what's better than two kitties in the car? When one of them likes to pee in the car. was awesome. When we got them home I locked them in a bathroom together to acclimate and they actually snuggled which NEVER happens.

That night I went to the old house to clean the upstairs. I was so exhausted and emotional when we left. It felt really weird to be leaving our big clean house to go to our new small dirty house where you couldn't use the water. B was very sweet and despite how tired he was and how late it was he set up our bedroom so it would be an oasis of normalcy in the house.

Monday morning was awesome because my parents popped by with my Sugarbear, breakfast and huge coffees. We gave them the tour and my mom said it wasn't that bad...which I took to be a good sign. Everyone can see the potential! It just needs a ton of work.

The appliances also came Monday which was great. More on the appliances later. We were worried about the timing for those because I ordered them online a few weeks ago but everything came perfectly.

We went to Walmart for supplies and groceries, did some unpacking and took a much needed nap. When we got up we were feeling pretty confident that we were going to meet our deadline easily at the old house...when Sugar hurt her paw. A phone call to the vet later we were in the car and on our way. B dropped me off at the vet and went to pull the bagster to the curb and start cleaning up the garage at the old house. Two hours later Sugar felt MUCH better and we got some quick dinner before reporting to duty at the old house. It was about 8pm and we were already totally knackered.

There was so much left to do! So much recycling to take out and so much cleaning. B wrestled the treadmill onto the back of the trailer and began tetris-ing everything else on. I felt really overwhelmed by the amount of stuff left in the garage. We recycled, dumped and gave away all that we could. When we were done the station wagon was totally packed with a tiny sliver for Sugar and I to sit in. We had a kayak and a hand truck strapped to the top. The trailer was a towering 9 feet tall and it was wrapped with tarps and straps all over the place. It jangled.We rolled out of the old house with 15 minutes to spare before our deadline and drove very slowly home. 

We were so, so tired. I look back on that last week and I can't even believe we got it all done! Tuesday at work I had my skirt on inside out for three hours before I noticed it!

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