Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is not a food blog.

This is not a food blog but I will mention food in the future, I hope, because I really like to cook.
We eat pretty healthy (healthily?) at our house and not having a kitchen has been slowing us down. Eating out every night was losing it's novelty and it's bad for the budget too.

So what is a gourmand to do when you don't have potable water, no plates, no utensils, no way to wash dishes and a no stove? FYI Cutting an onion with a plastic knife is NOT WORTH IT.

Well in this day and age every grocery store has a ton of options in the frozen food department. It requires minimal prep and can be cooked in a microwave and then the "dishes" can be done in a flash by dumping them in the trash/compost. I've got to admit I don't miss doing dishes but the microwavable food is getting old..and finding gluten and lactose free dinners is pretty limiting.

One convenience has been frozen veggies and pre-washed steam in the bag veggies. WOO! I normally ignore these during shopping because of the extra cost but they've been a lifesaver now that we can't rinse or slice vegetables. The potatoes that are ready to be microwaved? Genius.

Another awesome invention is the crock pot and specifically the crock pot liner! Just pull out the liner and you're done. So now that soup season is upon us we are eating a lot of soups and stews from the crockpot with frozen veggies in them. The main challenge is getting the soup out of the crock pot and eating it in a paper bowl without pouring it in your lap.

Here are some yummy things we've been eating:
Thai Noodle Soup
Honey BBQ Chicken
add some bagged salad and some steamed veggies and you're all set!

There's also the grill as a no mess/no water option for cooking but we haven't used that yet. I'm sure as we get more desperate we'll give it a shot. The premade tenderloins and pre-marinated meat from the grocery store are quick and easy protein options. Just dump it out of the bag and go!

I'll update whenever we eat something interesting!

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