Thursday, October 24, 2013



We are those neighbors. The ones with the eye sore front yard. The ones where it looked like Sanford and Sons did the landscaping. The ones with crud everywhere and tubs full of junk. Let's see we have moldy carpet, a dumpster, a pyramid of decrepit insulation, a tangle of deck boards, a Home Depot plumbing aisle explosion on the front porch...odds....ends....

It's rough over here folks. We won't be on the tour of homes this year. 

The silver lining is that we don't have to decorate for Halloween! 

The neighbors that we have met are not only incredibly patient about our trash heap but they claim to be relieved that we moved in. I guess an eye sore of progress beats an eye sore in decline. 

It's not all frogs out here folks. We have some princes thrown in. Soon one these beauties will be installed in the "throne room."

Do you see that claw foot tub? B snagged that at the Habitat Reuse Store. It's a genuine Louisville Works Standard claw foot tub in GREAT shape.  The ugly painted side will need to be stripped and repainted but the inside of the tub and the other side are perfect. (And if worse comes to worse that's the side that's going on the wall anyway.) The feet are all intact, too! B had mentioned that he hoped to find one for the downstairs bathroom but we thought it'd be down the road.

On the left you can see our new kitchen sink! Another score from the ReStore at only $30. It's in perfect condition and just needs to be installed in front of our huge, new picture window. Exciting!

So if you drive by the cottage and see our trash heap just know that we're working hard over here. One day we'll look back on all of this and laugh. 


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