Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beds, doors and beds

My birthday was this week! On Sunday my BFF and I went to see the Porsche exhibit  at the art museum while B and his bestie stayed home to work on The Wall. We had a great time at the museum and when I came home there was a big surprise waiting for me! Kurt and B had built raised beds for me! And Phipps was in on it. I was so surprised and touched.

And on top of that Kurt and B managed to get both of the back doors in! Let there be light! It is so nice to be able to see the back yard and the horses again. The house feels less like a cave.

You can also see that we are still busy doing many other projects in there. We started out by doing a test of white wash for the cabinets. I didn't love it. At first it all soaked in. We added a second coat and that made is flaky and gross. In the morning it always looked faint and moldy. I'm all done with moldy. When we put the spar varnish on it the white turned to yellow. Ick. No thanks.

So! I decided that we'd just put the varnish on the cabinets natural because they were a nice, light, oak color anyway. Wrong. They were red oak. At 11pm when we were almost done I realized that I had made a terrible, terrible mistake. The cabinets were very slightly red and I knew I wouldn't be able to use the blue green paint that I love...and that we'd already purchased. 

Around this time we found a great deal on granite at Surplus Warehouse and decided that we'd rather go ahead and do that than do the wood counters we'd been planning on as a temporary solution. The granite slabs were so, so cheap. Even cheaper than most laminate! However, they had two big problems!
- They only come in six foot lengths.
- They don't have the sink cut out.

B was originally up for the challenge of cutting out the sink hole. All you need is a Skil saw and a diamond blade. But the more we read the more it sounded like a bad idea. If you cut the granite inside a fine rock dust settles over EVERYTHING in your whole house...and if you cut it outside you risk cracking the slab as you bring it in.

Back to the drawing board! While we were browsing counter tops I made a confession to B. I only want white cabinets. I was trying to compromise and be a team player because I know he hates white cabinets but I have to be true to myself. Yanno? And when I see kitchens with white cabinets I always swoon. "Ooooohhhhh! Yesssssss!" Dark cabinets, modern cabinets, red oak cabinets...they just don't make my skirt fly up.

"HEY! When are you going to finally show us the After picture of your bedroom?"

Well kids...the bedroom isn't all that "after" yet. One problem is that in order to take a good picture I'd like o make the bed. True Fact- We only make the bed if people are coming over. I don't care, Internet. I FEEL NO SHAME. YOLO.  

So, since I am between bed makings I don't have a new bedspread. I am planning on making a quilt but I obviously don't have a lot of crafty-type free time right now...what with the lack of a finished back wall on my house and all. I'd use one of my old ones but they are all blue.

Why is that a problem? Blue is a great color.

Here's why:

I've got the blues so bad. I've got too many different kinds of blues! The bed and the curtains are going to be white at some point. But that's not a priority right now. So let's call this a midpoint photo....wrinkled curtains, too many blues, unmade bed...and a ceiling fan with a bulb dangling from it.

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