Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Or is it a train?

Work on The Wall continues but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The weather here has been alternating between warm and gorgeous and unseasonably cold. We were lucky to have some warm time on the weekend to make some progress. Saturday morning B's friend who is an electrician came by to check out the wiring and make sure everything was nice and ready to go while the wall was still open. 

B and G worked on getting the outside panels up.

Um. Would you look at my yard....would you look at how ridiculously gross it is? My new mantra is, "It's not always going to look like this."

Getting ready to cut out the doors and windows.

WOO! Let there be light!  (Briefly.) After a few weeks of living in a plywood cave it was so exiting to see the light coming into the kitchen.

Especially where the new window is going to be! We took turns looking out of the hole and imagining a window was there. What? We are easily entertained. B swept up the kitchen which was amazing in itself. No more stepping over nails when you're trying to get to the laundry room. 

Then it was off to Surplus Warehouse to pick up our cabinets. Do you know about Surplus Warehouse? You might even have one by you. It is the best place for home remodeling. Our cabinets were about 1/2 what they would be somewhere else. While we were there we scored some real slate tiles for $3.49 a sheet (almost $10 a sheet at Lowe Depot) and a super fancy toilet for $23 (more like $100+ at Lowe Depot.) 

If you go to Surplus Warehouse in Durham, NC ask for Bob. He's been really great throughout this process and he even walked us around the store to show us what we were ordering and made suggestions. That little spin around the store saved us a few hundred dollars and a lot of headaches. And it meant that we got this beauty....

Hello Pantry! I can't wait to get the food out of the living room and hide it in you.

Next up we will be whitewashing cabinets, building wood counter tops, putting up dry wall and bead board and painting. B is finishing up the plumbing and electrical this week. The plumbing has been a puzzle because the dishwasher used to vent right through where the window is now. 

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