Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend update

This weekend my mom and dad brought me my absolute favorite food, Flat Chicken. Flat Chicken is a type of fried chicken that my mom made while we were growing up. B has always been fascinated by Flat Chicken but my mom has never made it for him before now. If your mom has never made Flat Chicken for you then she probably doesn't really love you. Either that or you're a vegetarian, which, when you think about it, is kind of the same thing. My folks also dropped off baked potatoes and brownies. Mmmmm brownies.

I unpacked some this weekend! We set up shelves in the Office/ Studio and bought the IKEA Expedit shelf from a super nice girl on Craigslist for $90. Even though this is not where this stuff will live it was SO NICE to see my thing again. Some of these things have been packed for months. It's so nice to be able to find things. Now all I need to do is unpack the kitchen....Pompom has his kitty lazer beams on. 
Meanwhile, outside, it was time for The Wall. The Wall is the bane of my existence right now. It's like 50 degrees in the house at night because of this jerk right here. This is how the wall looked Sunday morning. We had a tarp up because it has been raining.

Below is the Bagster I purchased and filled up on Saturday. That's all nasty old stuff from The Wall. 

Sunday we were blessed with a ton of special guest stars who came over to help. Russel, Blaine and Jud all dropped in throughout the day to do battle with The Wall! And as you can tell they got a lot done...This was at about lunch time but by dinner time they had replaced the subfloor, made a ton of repairs and even framed out the window and replaced the header on the back door. It's amazing how much work they got done. Poor B was so pooped last night.

Inside The Wall with daylight peaking in.

 Outside of the wall at the end of Sunday.
Pompom and Pumpkin decided to check out Blaine's truck for a while. 

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