Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hampton Bay

You know you're pinning a lot of lights on Pinterest when Hampton Bay starts following you. If only they could see the pyramid of Hampton Bay lights in boxes on the floor of my den. They'd be so proud.

No, I am not sponsored by Hampton Bay...they make pretty lights that we can afford which is good news because all of the lights in our house are either moldy, plastic or bronze.

I follow a lot of DIY bloggers (naturally) so I get to see how awesome it is when they are redoing a room with sponsorship. I can not imagine what it would be like to be able to just pick out ANYTHING. You know? We're over here like, "What's the best thing under $25?"

We did promise ourselves that we would not automatically buy the cheapest thing because it was the cheapest anymore. We're buying things that was love. And while I don't always love things like faucets and outlet covers I generally know what I don't love and we can go from there.

I was reading about some sort or restoration project or another about a week ago and  I had a panicky feeling because we have a cottage theme but HOLY COW WHAT TIME PERIOD IS OUR COTTAGE THEME? IS IT CRAFTSMEN OR OLDER OR WHAT?

But then I asked B and he kind of rolled his eyes a little and I was like, "Oh yeah, we have a being able to afford this without taking out a second mortgage kind of theme."

Yup. Sounds like a good theme. Ain't nobody got time to worry about anachronisms in decor.

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