Monday, December 16, 2013

Office Space

When B and I moved we decided that we were going to have a dedicated work space where we could work on projects together. That way if I was sewing and he was fiddling with something we'd be in the same spot instead of two different rooms.

Ya, that's not really working out. When I told my BFF that we were trying to share an office she said, "Yeah....uhhhh no." 


I want my office to be neat with lots of hidden storage and a clear desk. B wants to be able to see all of his stuff and spread it out. It's basically not gonna work out.

So we decided instead of having a guest room and a mess room that I'd let B keep the purple room and I'd try to merge my stuff into the guest room.

Another thing that's important to mention is that we don't keep our clothes in our bedroom. When it's laundry....month...and there are clothes everywhere it makes it hard for me to settle down. (See above.) So I basically want our bedroom to be a room with a bed in it. We've been sharing the double closets in this guest room and let's just say it hasn't been working out. So now his stuff will be in the purple room and my stuff will be in this room.

I know this is weird but I don't care! We've done this at every house. Separate closets and separate work spaces. AND if you really want to know a secret we have two sets of covers on the bed. B has a twin down comforter and a sheet. I have two twin cotton blankets. It keeps the peace. I'm sure it's confusing to anyone who was looking at our house during a showing. "How many people live here?" 

I'm really not one to follow a tradition if it isn't working out for me.

So this weekend I worked on office swappage. I wish that I could call that above picture a before but it's really more of a during. The room was a dee-zas-ter. You couldn't see the floor. 

The color in that room, like a lot of the house, is kind of a pink toned brown. It's about as nice as it sounds. I decided to paint the room white. The real challenge when painting these rooms has been to patch all of the holes and try to deal with the sloppy paint underneath. Since I was painting this white (Glistening Moonlight by Glidden to be specific) I just dabbed my new paint over the old splotches.

While I was painting I listened to the Zumba station on Pandora and I heartily recommend it for booty shaking. Booty shaking will painting can be problematic. You need to make sure it doesn't turn into wild arm movements that splatter the paint. 

At one point I thought I was getting snow blindness from looking at too much bright, shiny white. The lights seemed to be wavering. Luckily, the lights were just wavering because one boy was welding while the other was sawing...and that was sort of maxing out our power. Woo! 

Then I lucked out because my friend Gretel was getting rid of a bunch of shelves! Yay! They will look great in the new office. I am so excited to have a good work space.

This weekend we also did some serious Christmas shopping, attended a Christmas auction and went to a fabulous cookie party. The cookie party was hosted by our favorite 1 year old hostess. While I was there one of my friends asked me about my book in front of some people I didn't know and I did what I always do in such situations.

I froze.

Which is a fantastic way to get people interested in your book! It's so funny because my job is essentially to speak extemporaneously about rocks to a crowd of people who don't want to hear about rocks. I do that all week every week with no issues....but ask me about my book in front of someone I don't know and it's time to clam up. 

"I really don't like to talk about my flair."

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