Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It was inevitable.  At some point this was going to all catch up with me.

I feel compelled to be really honest on the blog about the experience of moving to a house that needs a ton of work. You case any of my readers are thinking about trying it out.

Tonight it really sucks.

The house is a mess, the project is slow and we both really just want it to be done. We get home from our paid jobs and clock in to job number two and work until 10, 11 or 12. It's dark out. If you run out of something the store is closed. It's cold. We have no where to put a Christmas tree. We're tired. We're crabby. We lose tools in the pile of clutter. We make mistakes that cost time and money and then have to start over. Or we discover some new little wrinkle that is going to add on another day.

 B has it a lot worse than I do, he's been at this for weeks. Months really.

And we've come a long way but it's still happening...and when we finish the kitchen it will lessen some of the stress because we will FINALLY be able to unpack and cook at home and be a little more normal. But we will still have a bunch of projects to do.

Some of them are fun. Some of them are tedious.

Generally I am pretty upbeat and positive about the house, which you've noticed if you've been reading, but tonight I'm wistfully flipping through pictures of our old house and feeling sad. Everything was just so easy.


You know?

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