Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Bird's Nest Wreath

Now that Christmas is behind us I can finally share with you some of the crafts that I made as gifts. 

Spring is on the way! I'm serious it is. It doesn't FEEL like it but it is. Just hang on. Birdies are starting to do some family planning and soon they will be building nests! And what better way to show your support than to provide them some high quality nesting material to help keep their little chickies all nice and cozy? I have a feeling Spring is going to be in like a Lion and out like a Lion this year.

I saw a wreath like this at the local hardware store and I realized that it would be a great gift for my bestie because she loves birds as much as I do. I also realized that I could probably make it myself for cheaper and make it bigger at the same time.

This craft was easy, messy, cheap and fun! You could do it with kids and it makes a great gift.

One straw wreath
Moss, string, hay, pine needles, feathers, cotton fluff, yarn and whatever you have that birds might like for nesting. (Pet fur? Maybe not as  gift.)
Something to poke stuff with. I used dull scissors.
Ribbon or something to jazz it up.

It's important to try to avoid any dyes or anything that might be toxic for the birds. This was tough while I was shopping for supplies because some of the fake stuff is really pretty. Just ask yourself, "Would I put this in my mouth?" If the answer is, "Julie, what's your problem?" don't buy that.

I got a sweet deal on moss at the Lowe Depot but you can gather your own moss too. Just don't be a rolling stone. HAHAHAHAHA. Sidebar: Julie. What's your problem?

Once you've gathered your supplies you can get started.  Just put what you want to go on the wreath over it and poke it in there with your poking tool. (I like to use the technical terms.) Broad things like the moss you will need to poke over a bunch of places. I worked in layers so it would be a good looking wreath but still have a lot of material. You want it in well enough so that it stays but loose enough that tiny birdy beaks can pull it out...and basically destroy it but then you can make another one!

Warning: This makes a big mess!

I ended up with hay, moss and straw all over the floor, on my shirt and in my hair. If you're doing this with kids or if you don't have a shop vac handy you should do this outside or over some newspaper or something.

I had so much fun making this that I made a second one for my Sister-in-law! I have enough supplies left over to make one for myself too. This would be a good gift for any bird lover.


  1. Hey, that thing is cool! I would totally make one of those. Any suggestions on how to encourage the birdies to build nests but to discourage them from building them RIGHTBYMYFRONTDOOR? (I string up cut up pieces of tin foil pie plates for this purpose. Looks weird. Discourages birds.)

    1. Your method sounds great! I would recommend putting this wreath on a shed door, back door or garage door to discourage the birdies from getting too familiar. You can also get one of those fake owls that they sell. Put a fake owl on your front door instead of a wreath.