Friday, January 24, 2014

Office before and during

 This is more of a Before and During post because the office still needs some finishing touches. Still it's almost done so I couldn't resist a sneak peak!

Before and After carpet....a big difference right off the bat.

Later on as I was moving B out and moving my stuff in. The true "before" of this was too wretched to show you. It looked like the place had been tossed. This brown color looks pretty acceptable in these pictures but in real life it's got kind of a pink tone to it that makes it look like cat food. Speaking of which....can you find Pompom in this picture?

And now the....almost after!!

My studio is ready for work! I can watch the birds open the seeds they get from the feeder on their favorite branch, enjoy the view of the woods in the side yard and the room seems to have so much more light now. Right now my paper whites are blooming so it smells heavenly. That pink lump to the right of my desk is a bed for Sugarbear to hang out on while I'm working...and don't worry about Pompom, the guest bed has moved behind me and he's inspecting it daily to keep it in tip top shape for guests.

What's still to be done on this room? Installation of a new ceiling fan, hanging up pictures and possibly new curtains on the closets. 

Tomorrow we're having some folks over for a chili cookoff and game night. It's less of  house warming and more of  soft opening. I'll make sure to take some pictures while the house is "clean." Including the bedroom which is the first finished room in the house. 


  1. SQUEE! I love it! I love that you can look out the window while you're at the desk. So inspiring and soothing! Did you make that curtain yourself? It is rad.

    1. Not only did I not make it myself I bought it at Lowes of all places! I love it too.