Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There Must Be Some Torros in the Atmosphere


It's been polar vortexing around the US this week and lemme tell is c-o-l-d at the Green Mountain Cottage. The wall, while presentable and wall like, does not have flashing so it's very drafty. We're less worried than most people about our pipes freezing because one of our loose in the crawl space. Our crawl space is probably pretty toasty warm right now.

Everything is crunchy and creaky! Everything outside is frozen even the pond down the street. We spent some time this weekend over there and the boys were trying to slide sticks across it....boys!! Then they started throwing rocks. Boys are a mess.

We've been vigilant about the pets and the bird feeders. I got a 50lb bag of feed corn for Christmas. (Of COURSE I did.) And I've been scattering it around for the deer and the other critters. The horses in the backyard are wearing horse coats. I do LOVE an animal in an outfit.

One of the last projects we tackled over the break was painting the den. B had thought that since we were using white paint that we should just paint it with one of the cans of primer we had laying around.

Um. No.

We spent all day painting the den with the primer and it still looked like a crack house in there. It was thin and splotchy and terrible to work with. Since we were having company for New Years Day we just called it good enough for now and put the job off for later.

New Years Day we had my family over for brunch.

New Years Brunch Menu

Cinnamon Muffins
Blueberry Muffins


That tater tot casserole is out of this world. 

We also had way too much coffee because I got a Keurig for Christmas. I love it. I had to buy some decaf so I wouldn't make myself crazier. 

I named it Sharon. Anyone have a guess why?

SO! The house looked great for the brunch but I didn't take any pictures. This weekend we finished up the painting for real. We did one coat of Behr's Magnolia Blossom.  It went on like buttah. It's a beautiful color which is a relief because we picked it out while B was at the store and I was at home looking up colors on the Internet. This is not for the faint of heart. I was sure I wanted white, and anything beyond that would be a pleasant surprise.

That's how you know I'm an outlaw. A rebel. A real wild card. I pick out paint OVER THE PHONE. YEAH.

Anyway, it's a gorgeous buttermilk color and it looks great in every light. It's made the room so much brighter.

But now I have a bigger problem with the living room.

OK it's really more of a Cadillac Problem. Certainly a first world problem....not so much of a problem as a conundrum.

My friend Gretel gave us a tiny television before Christmas. Our old TV was old school and weighed a million pounds and when we moved we Cragislisted it so we wouldn't have to carry it up any more stairs. When we accepted the new TV I told B that it HAD to go behind some doors or something and we were sorting out our options with that.

Well, last night B's friend Jud gave us a giant plasma TV. It is monstrous. It is so big that we joked that we could have used it to replace the kitchen wall. It's bigger than I am. It's going to be hard to hide.

Basically we have two places to put it, on the wall behind the couch....which doesn't sound convenient OR on the fireplace. Whatever we do to hide it is going to be laughable. Like putting bead board on a T-Rex to make it look more cottage-y. 

The most appealing idea is to get some sort of giant canvas art thing to go over it. But that's going to have to be seriously ginormous. 

Any ideas? 
Pictures of the den as soon as we get the new ceiling fan up.

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