Thursday, January 2, 2014

Word of the Year

I have to confess that New Years is my least favorite holiday.

It always feels like I should care more. Like I should be more excited. Like I should want to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!! WHOOOOO! But I don't really want to change everything any more than I would on any other it feels very artificial to me.

A few blogs that I read have focused on a "Word of the Year." Some of them have a word they were focused on and some of them have a word based on reflection.

My word of 2013 was, no question, "House."

Selling the house. Buying a house. Working on the house. House, house, house.

So it seemed fitting that for New Years we stuck around home. We rang in the New Year in our pjs, pausing the movie to kiss and going to bed way too late. Then we hosted a family brunch for New Years Day. Having the house "clean" and filled with loved ones, laughter and delicious scents was a great way to make it feel more homey.

I'm sure that the word, "House" is going to figure heavily into our 2014 but I want to try to shift the focus away from that. My new year's resolution is to relax more. Like REALLY relax. Like sit in a hammock without planning dinner. Maybe I won't teach summer school for the first time ever. Maybe we'll use our kayaks more than twice. Maybe I'll read more books and fewer emails. Go to Ayr Mount and chill. Sew for fun.

I have hard time relaxing. I have a tough time turning off my brain and enjoying the moment. My Doctor has repeatedly prescribed that I take this more seriously...and I try...but I'm not really wired for it.  I have the best luck when I am doing something water related like swimming, floating or fishing. It can be hard to make time for relaxing.

Maybe this year?

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