Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alternative Window Treatments

Our upstairs bathroom is pretty much one of the grossest places in the house. (Yeah and that includes the construction ridden kitchen with four kinds of floor.)

We've accumulated all of the things we need to make it really wonderful (on the front porch) but we're trying to take it one project at a time. One thing I could not put off in that room were the window treatments because that is the bathroom everyone uses to shower.

At first I was looking for curtains for that room. I was going for some sort of cafe curtain that would be easy to open and close.

Ok, ok, you got me, at first we were using a rubbermaid lid over the window when we showered. It was really, really classy.

SO! At second, I struggled with finding the right curtains for the future bathroom redo. Although, I have a clear idea of what I want it to look like it's a mess in there now so that was a distraction.

For whatever reason all of the cafe curtains I tried, including making my own, looked a little weird on the window.

So then we tossed around the idea of privacy film or a stained glass overlay. Both good ideas but...I have this problem where I really like to watch the horses when I brush my teeth. The upstairs bathroom is the only room that has a birds eye view of the backyard and even though I don't want the horses watching me, it's important that I be able to see them as needed.

I've never really liked the wood shutters that people put in bathrooms. They are bulky and no one ever opens them. Also, I totally loathe blinds of any kind. (Did you know I had so many strong opinions about window stuff?) Roman shades are great but ain't nobody got time for all that raising and lowering.

But then I had a weird idea! A great idea! I would use decorative wall thingys on my windows. So I went out to Tuesday Morning and I bought two!

What's a decorative wall thingy?

I know you've seen these a million times in stores and wondered what you were supposed to do with them. Now you know! I was excited to paint them the same color and put them in the window. They allow me to see out but block enough of what's going on inside so I don't feel like I'm putting on a show.

I suppose I should mention that beyond horses and deer there is absolutely no one in the back of the house that could possible make out anything happening in the bathroom without a telescope and some determination. And really, if you're working that hard to watch me brush my teeth you're welcome to it.

What does the final product look like?

I may get some command hooks to discretely hang them higher up on the window but for the time being they are just hanging out on the sill. 

Another weird thing I've been up to this week is this:

This is a quilt creating a make shift door to the kitchen. It has a fleece sheet on the back for maximum draft prevention.

We've had snow and ice storms lately and there was a lot of talk about the power going out. Since our house is already very cold and drafty all of the time I went around and tried to trap the heat in the living areas the best that I could. Luckily our windows are pretty new and they are very energy efficient. Unluckily, the kitchen is about 50 degrees all the time and our power bill was over $300.

Enter the quilt! This baby looks atrocious but keeps the rest of the house toasty warm. During the worst of the snow our heat shut off for the first time since September! It was kind of amazing. (Not shut off like...broken...shut off like it finally reached 63 degrees in here.) You can feel the temperature difference when you go into the kitchen. Like it or not, this "decoration" will be up for the rest of winter. 

Where are all the gorgeous snow pictures? Great question.

I generally take all the pictures on this blog using my phone. It has a pretty good camera but I wasn't loving the quality on some of the old shots. I dug my "nice camera" out of the attic and had fun taking some pretty snow pictures for the blog....only to realize that my ancient nice camera doesn't play well with Windows 8 and my new laptop. So all of those pictures are basically trapped on there. Boo.

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