Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Bowling Alley Revealed!

 So I fell in love with this room right away when we toured the house. We also thought it didn't need much work....lololololol.
 I love this floor but B hates it because it's laminate and he's a wood snob.
 This is why we call it the bowling alley!

 This was taken right after we moved in....but it looked a lot worse then you can tell from this shot.

 Rearranging and experimenting before we started on the kitchen.
  A brief moment of neatness.
 My super awesome $100 couch. (With pillows made from Target napkins...but not paper napkins, Chenz.)
 The pantry in the den. 

 All of the kitchen cabinets. 

 Ok this green has got to go.
 Like father, like son.

And now the GLORIOUS (mostly) AFTER! ARE YOU READY?

 A big mirror is going up over the couch to bounce the light around even more. No more big gash in the paneling!

I've been decoupaging the light switch covers. (Like normal people do.)

 I found these beauties at the consignment store for $4 each. Too bad the hardware ended up being $24.

This is my favorite spot.

 This braided wool rug is amazing but we're worried it's going to get torn to bits. It's like a giant sweater on the floor.
 A house full of noisy, happy people is my favorite kind of house. It was so great to have people over and feel more normal!

 After a million trips to Home Depot and Lowes and a bunch of returns we finally found the cottage style fan that I wanted. I like that it matches the paneling. It was made for outdoor use so it won't get droopy like the last fan.

We're going to install some stained glass film in this armoire to hide the TV. After much debate we gave Jud his huge TV back. We're just not huge TV folks. 

<3 Feetsies <3

Eventually we will put in real wood floors. The fireplace is also going to get a makeover. Either we'll white wash it or cover it with air stone. Now that the room is white the brick seems really dark. At some point the trim is going to get painted high gloss white too. You can't tell in these pictures but the trim is sort of a dirty almond color...but only in some places. 

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