Monday, March 31, 2014

I'll Name Her Sandy

Look what I got this weekend! Some girls get jewelry, flowers or designer purses but I seem to get a lot of power tools. I take to power tools like a chicken with a typewriter. I don't know what the heck I'm doing but damn do I look busy.

I am refinishing the cabinets. Yes, the cabinets that we've had for less than six months and aren't even properly installed...those cabinets. I want a white kitchen and now is the time to get it. Also, currently this orange-y stain isn't making me happy.

Thus, copious amounts of sanding.

The front porch workshop is back in business. Also, please notice that I have two sanders. I use one in each hand.

While I was doing that the boys were in the kitchen AS THEY SHOULD BE. 

Mr. G is installing a light that we bought from IKEA in November. 

It is more dangly than we anticipated so we'll either deal with that or use in somewhere else. 

B did some work on the cabinets and the counters and we discussed our options and next steps. It's hard to figure out what order to do these things in.

We did make the decision to buy some vinyl flooring as a (possibly three year long) temporary measure until we can install wood in the entire downstairs. 

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