Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's for lunch?

One of my favorite food blogs, Budget Bytes, had a recipe a while back for yellow rice with egg. I made it once and it was love at first bite.

Now I make it whenever I am working from home. I make the rice in the rice cooker while I work on other things, steam the veggies in the microwave and then make a quick egg when it's all ready to go.

Hers was served with spinach but I found that spinach made my teeth feel squeaky. (Do you know what I mean?) I've been using a kale slaw mix that they have ready to go at the grocery and whatever other veggies are kicking around in the fridge. It's also important to note that I can't stand runny eggs...and I really don't love eggs that are not hard boiled....except in this recipe. The egg yolk makes kind of a sauce, which grosses me out to type, but I enjoy eating.

A portion above photographs well but I usually use that as two servings and box one up for the next day. It makes yummy leftovers.  I've made it with brown rice, quinoa and the yellow rice that Budget Bytes posted.

Recipe, if you can even call it that.

-Make your favorite grain
- Steam your favorite veggies
- Top with an egg

(Then douse it all with sriracha!!)

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