Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So....what's up? What's up with the kitchen? What've you guys been up to?



Well, not nothing...but no house stuff! We've been very busy enjoying Spring at various social engagements, closing down a very hectic semester at my work, taking the Science Club climbing and camping, grading finals, hosting brunches and lunches and immediately starting a new semester.

We've been spending a lot of time on the front porch smelling the honeysuckle and listening to the birds.
I told B that we've sat outside at this house more this year than we have the entire time we lived at our previous house.

The garden is gushing with greenery and blossoming. I've tucked so many plants and seeds in there that I'm sure there's no room for more. (Until I get something else that catches my eye.)

B bought me a much coveted linen pinafore for Step Mother's day that has been seeing a lot of action in the garden.

I gave myself last week "off" from the house and chores and all of that. I read books, slept too late and sat on the front porch at least an hour each day. It was lovely.


Tomorrow I get back to work. TOMORROW I WILL PAINT THE KITCHEN!!

The cabinets are in, the counters are bolted down and the beadboard is up. Stay tuned for some MAJOR beautification. 

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