Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Dream Come True?

Last week B and I sat down and made a list of things we don't want to DIY and ranked them in order of importance.

Here's what we came up with:

  1. leak by chimney fixed
  2. hvac check
  3. all siding at once
  4. crawl space insulation removed and vapor barrier installed
  5. outside paint
  6. gutters
  7. fix downstairs bathroom- demo, tile, floor
  8. upstairs bathroom- demo, tile, wall repairs?, new shower stall
  9. shed
  10. front porch
  11. wood floors
  12. bigger windows in den
  13. screen porch
  14. patio
  15. studio
  16. fireplace insert

I had an epiphany Monday night.

You know what this house needs to be a lot less depressing?

Floors. Pronto.

Like, we have floors...we're not hovering around over here. It's not exactly packed dirt (in most rooms) too. We've got a lot of exposed plywood and have since we moved in. It's kinda gross. The stairs, upstairs hall, all the closets and parts of the kitchen. The kitchen floor....let's not even go there.

But you know what would be lovely?

Wood floor, that matches, everywhere! It would make it feel like a real house and not a hobo shack. Do you have floors in your house? Carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, laminate?? If you do I want you to look around with fresh eyes and enjoy!

Ahhhhhh.....Matching floors.

I found this on Pinterest and tried to find the source. The closest thing I came to one was Bungalow Classic. This is one of those oft pinned images that you see floating around and it is my inspiration.

I want wide plank wood floors in this color.

B wants wood. I don't care if we have laminate or wood but he's kind of a Luddite when it comes to home decor. I think laminate is cheap and we've installed it together before.

I do not want to install real wood floor DIY style. Those of you who know me well are chuckling because you remember the last time we did this. 

It turned out gorgeous but took about six months. I'm eager to have one of those whole-house-in-three-days-we-do-it-all people come out.

We've got some money socked away so there's a chance we could afford it. We have an estimate on Friday so cross your fingers!

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