Friday, June 13, 2014

Garden Surprises

A few days ago I put out my new Ladybug Feeder. It's a piece of bamboo with some raisins in it. As shown below.

I was skeptical at first. Ladybugs are great for the garden because they eat pests...but a Ladybug feeder?? With just some raisins?

Well, apparently, yes! I went out today and saw four Ladybugs. That's four times as many Ladybugs as I had before I put out the feeder. Actually that's not true, 4 x 0 = 0.* So....whatever...I have more Ladybugs now. Success! 

I also random petunia that I did not plant!

And one happy sunflower that I did not plant! Some birds planted it for me which was nice of them because the deer have chomped all of mine to nubs. They grow back and the deer chop them again. I've planted more inside the deer fence....I planted them two days ago and already little green shoots are poking through the soil.

I also have some unhappy broccoli that is finally making some little florets. Oui, oui, florets si vous plait!

I just sprayed it with a cayenne, garlic and soap concoction to hopefully get rid of the cabbage worms. I like to pick them off and chuck them at the bird feeder. MWA HA HA HA.

Also, our kitchen lights came! 

While I was in the garden this morning I felt a, "Pssshhhhhzzzzz" go by my head and it was two Dragonflies cold chilling on my pole beans. I ran in to get my camera and when I came out one was still there like, "What up my Ginger?"

* OK I have four cookies. I do nothing to them. I don't touch them.  I don't eat them. I don't share them. I don't make more. I still have four cookies. They are just sitting there. Look at them  just sitting there. Math is dumb.

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