Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ice pop maker review

I don't really like ice cream.  I also don't really like frozen yogurt. I want about two bites of both before I'm done.

I can't stand the feeling of wooden popsicle or wet paper from push pops. I only like pop ice or icees because I am a picky frozen dessert eater.  But pop ice is colored sugar water in plastic tubes. I don't love that aspect of it. So what's a girl to do?

DIY healthier pop ice!

I got these molds on Amazon for buy one get one free and decided to make them with HFCS free V8 "juice." In the future I'd like to use fruit and coconut water.
The package says these fill with no mess. Do you diffuse bombs for a living? If yes, then you'll be able to fill these with no mess.

These lids pop right off if you squeeze the tubes or over fill. Have a jar or something to set them in while you work. I put them in a bowl and froze them on the bowl so they wouldn't tip and soak everything.
The verdict? Once I figured out how to deal with the slosh factor these were great. Much better than plastic popsicle molds because they were easier to deal with and clean individually. 


  1. Whodathunkit??? That's so cool! Ha... No pun intended. I had no idea they made silicone ice pop sleeves. So awesome.

    Do you like Popsicles if they have a plastic stick, like homemade ones?

    1. I don't mind the plastic stick but I don't like using the molds because they are all linked together and very narrow for washing.