Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kitchen Paint Reveal

 Here's a before to remind you of all the glorious primer, drywall and icky old painted over wallpaper glory. The ceiling...gack. It's the worst.

And here is a during shot of the beadboard because I forget to get a before.

Painting the kitchen was a serious PITA. A lot of awkward squatting on counters and squeezing myself into corners...and swearing....and it was hot in there too. I looked super hot while I was doing this.

Awwww yeah. 

So here's some afters....although....the beadboard is only primed. I used a $14 primer instead of a $40 primer this time and it was much easier to work with. It was less splashy and acted more like paint. I am learning things. I am also learning that it's hard to get the roller to fill in all the crevices in the bead board. And that, yes, those are dead bugs stuck to the ceiling...and now they are in your hair. The beadboard still needs to be painted but I'm not doing that until 100% everything that's left is up.

The paint looks more white in this picture than it does in real life. In reality it's a light blue-gray-green and throughout the day it changes with the light from the window. As I was putting in on it looked like a sage green so I was relieved when it dried to this very light blue. It's beachy. I love it.

Don't get used to the chandelier. It's moving to the laundry room because we FINALLY decided on and ordered kitchen lights. :) I've been googling semi-flush mounts for months. (Moderate safe search: ON.)

Am I going to paint the yellow thing? Am I going to KEEP the yellow thing? Who knows. Now we're talking about putting a door on this wall.

And here's a shot of the den, also known as the most "done" room in the house. I moved some furniture around and I like it!

People keep saying to me, "I can't believe you do all this stuff yourself. I'd be afraid that I'd mess something up."

I live in the country and in the country when you're driving around you see a lot of old shacks. Old homesteads, old barns, old parents call these "future retirement properties." Imagine going into one of these old sheds and painting it, putting up curtains and decorating. That's essentially what I'm doing.

Well, that's the beauty of it. I literally can't make it worse. I could dump a whole bucket of paint on the floor by accident and it'd still be an improvement because at least that spot would be all one color!

And if I mess something up? Like when I turned our new cabinets orange? Well, then I just have to do it again.

Worst case scenario we just bulldoze it down and live in one of our tarp sheds. Just kidding...mostly.

You can't make it worse. 

You can only make it better. 

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