Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Cuervo Gold

Once upon a time when B and I had just started dating, we were driving around and he put a CD in. Within seconds the most god awful tripe was filling the car. After a few moments I was like. "HAHAHA this is terrible," because surely someone so punk rock could only be playing a song like this ironically.

He was hurt.

Apparently he has an illness where he loves Steely Dan. It might be catching because I've known a few other, mostly sane, people who also have this same disease. It's terminal. I'm going to sponsor a walk so we can do some research to find a cure for this gruesome condition.

A few months ago we were in Boone and it was a rainy day so we were shopping. A song so terrible that customers put down their items and started leaving the store came on over the speakers.
I walked across the entire store to find B and innocently asked, "Is this Steely Dan?"

It was.

Cue yesterday in the car.

Me: Is this Steely Dan?
B: HAHAHA how did you know?
Me: I could tell by the steeliness of his Dan.
B: *Resigned laughter*
Me: He is the steeliest of all Dans.

Are you reeling in the E's?

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