Thursday, July 10, 2014

Front hall

We are getting floors installed in just a few weeks so I am in a mad painting dash to paint all the things that need painting. The big thing I wanted to get done was the front hall because I knew it'd be a huge chore. The upstairs went fine. The downstairs?

Gross. What? Gross.

The paint wouldn't stick to the wall. Who knows why it just wouldn't. I ended up using my cure for everything....vinegar + Dawn.

Washing every single inch of the walls was a pain in the patoot but at the end the paint stuck and all was good.

Here is a before. The old paint looks like an acceptable color in this photo but it was NOT in real life. Only one room with cat food barf pink brown remains!

Here is the after! It is Benjamin Moore Moonshine. I love it.

You need to ooh and aah a lot at this, folks. I think you can see some paint on the floor here. This project found me using some of my best swear words. The non-four letter kind. 

This week I am painting furniture. I like it a little better than painting walls. 

Just for the sake of records, here are the floors we're getting. We're doing everything but the bathrooms and it's going to be SPECTACULAR. 

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