Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Putting in work

 B spent the weekend on a very scary ladder on the stairs cleaning and painting to get ready for the floors. Now we're ready! 

All Pompoms aside...we're working hard over here. The new floors are going in as I type this and man, I can only odd. Things are looking amazing!!

I spent a good amount of time in the garden this morning while trying to stay out of the floor guy's way. This harvest is going to be turned into pickles and salsa as soon as the water is back on.

Oh yeah, the water is off. We found a "surprise" behind the washer. It's all good. B should be able to finish it quickly.   

 Rainbow carrots!

The hard work and amazing transformations going on inside the house have motivated B and G to do some big stuff outside...ground has been broken for B's workshop! Only 10 months behind schedule!  I can't wait for our guest room to stop being a garage, yo.

G is jumping up and down celebrating the prospect of no more tarp tent! 

Actually, I think he's flexing his muscles after spending all day yesterday carrying bags of cement and digging holes. Welcome home G!

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