Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where are all the floor pictures I was promised?

Man, ok, that's a valid question.

Here's the thing though....ever room is so close to looking 100% awesome that I don't want to post a 95% awesome picture.

So like, my office just needs a little bit here and a little bit there and some doors on the closet to be a, "Wow. What a transformation!"

And the bedroom just needs some pictures on the walls so it doesn't look like a monastery.

And the den just needs some furniture scooting.

And the kitchen, well the kitchen is running at about 75% done...not gonna lie about that.

It's hard for me to post a non-perfect picture.

Add to that back to school/work, the shed and siding projects in tandem, gorgeous summer weather, my phone dying with a hundred pictures on it, reading the entire Divergent series in one sitting and a million other tiny things and we're scooting and hanging at a slower rate.

Getting all of the floors in the entire house done at once is exactly like moving into your house all over again. Everything was in shambles and it's finally getting back to normal. We are trying to organize more and find "forever" homes for things. It's about as fun as it sounds.

So...instead of an's another, "before" to remind you of the bad old days.

With a three day weekend this weekend we're hoping to get some stuff done!

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