Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ten for ten


At 4 am the other day B and I were catapulted out of bed by the sounds of something huge crashing in the kitchen. At first I thought it was a CRI (Cat Related Incident) but then it became clear that it was something a lot worse.

One of the glass shelves in the yellow thing/white thing/pantry had collapse under the weight of 20 cans of beans. (Beans were 10 for $10 at Manager's Special Kroger....and we love beans.)

Everything was in a heap on the floor and if it wasn't for that one container of baby food prunes that was teetering there we would have lost another shelf too.

I think this is the last nail in the coffin of the yellow thing/white thing as pantry. B wants that wall as real estate for a kitchen table and I want something with doors you can't see through and shelves that won't give me a heart attack.

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