Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Temptations of Fall

We just got home from a trip and the house is chilly, slightly moldy smelling and one of the fire alarms is beeping because the battery is dying. It is just like old times.

We are coming up to one year in the house and we've done so much but have so much left to do. B and I look at the calendar and fret. At the beach we'd wake out of our lazy stupor and one of us would say to the other, "How will we get it all done? When will we find the time?"

The summer was busy and we finished many small projects but with the new chill in the air we are reminded that winter is on the horizon. The forecast is another frigid and wet winter so we'd like to have everything ship shape and ready for the elements by then. A glance at our calendar reveals a yard sale, the state fair, a wedding and various other good times that we don't want to miss. On top of that are school trips, camping and football. The weekends simply aren't long enough.

We've resolved to enact a two part plan:
1. Buckle down.
2. Triage.

We're going to do the things on the need to do list and then simplify some extravagant projects we were hoping to do before the winter. I'll keep you posted.

My camera/phone died so it's been tougher for me to take pictures but we've finished some little things that I will try to post about soon!

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