Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Tale of Two Glasses

This summer I decided to use some of the proceeds from my summer job to get a real pair of glasses. I don't know why, because I am not spectacularly brand motivated, but they had to be Coach. I wanted FANCY glasses. I wear glasses all the time. I want them to be cute because they are on my face where everyone sees them. I want to look like a classy grown up lady.

Coach underpants? Not worth it. Coach glasses...ok I'm listening.

So I went to Target to order them and they were like, "Oh guess what. Your prescription expired two days ago. LOL." and I was like, "Ok I'm gonna go to this in store Starbucks before I smash something." and the Starbucks was closed. It was a tough time for me.

I rallied, though. And I made an appointment even though I hate eye doctors. All that, "Is this better? Or is this better? A? Or B? About the same?" is hard on an introvert.

Then, oh happy day, I ordered my glasses.

When they came in I was so excited but then I put them on and it was like putting on your grammas glasses. Everything was too bright. I couldn't read anything and it was overwhelming. The Target Optical guy was like, "Oh. It might take you a week or so to adjust."

My eye sight is not that bad. I can read and see fine without my glasses. I can see how many fingers you are holding up Jessica Phipps. I can drive if I'm not looking for street signs. Reading the computer or reading signs far away is the biggest issue.

So when these glasses made my vision worse on than off....I knew something was up.

I went back to Target and they were like, "OH JK JK we made them wrong."

Then I waited a week and they came in again and they were wrong in a different way. I took them back. The guy at Target was really snarky and unhelpful. They were not only not nice about it but they were preying on my niceness.

Again, the glasses were wrong. This time they sent me BACK to the optometrist to look at my prescription.  Since these glasses were over $200 I wanted them to be perfect. The glasses came again. This time they were better but they were not perfect. The anti glare coating smudged constantly. They slipped off my bead all the time.  I wasn't even whelmed by them.They were totally underwhelming.

The worst part was that I knew that I could get great non-Coach glasses that would be perfect the first time for $20 from my old standby, Zenni Optical. But, they wouldn't have the cute little Coach logo. After some soul searching I decided that I didn't want to mess around with something so important, not even in the name of fashion and returned the Coach glasses once and for all to Target. At least they were nice about that.

I ordered the $20 ones from Zenni and they came to the house in about two weeks and they were perfect the first try. As an added bonus they are almost identical to the Coach ones...just no logo.

Let's compare.

(Don't mind my resting priss face.)

 On the left, for $270: Coach by Target. On the right for $28 with shipping: Zenni Optical and a slight sunburn from a trip to a car show.

My gold dots from the front are now on the side. No logo. Prettttttty much identical otherwise. Oh, except I can actually, you know, see out of the Zenni ones.

This is not a sponsored post. HAHA. As if! It's also not a condemnation of Target Optical. Your mileage may vary there. I do love Zenni. I've been wearing their glasses for about 10 years and I've never been disappointed. They come correct. And I mean that in the street sense and in the sense that they arrive correctly made. ;) And the price? That's without insurance. I've never seen a better deal.

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  1. I think the Zenni ones are just as cute. You, of course, are cute as Hell in both. Logo Schmogo. A purse? Yes. Glasses? Mine are dude glasses from a company called Penguin. W.E. :P