Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What is for dinner?

Beans. Lots of beans.

I bought a really cute black dry erase board for my best friend's wedding. You know, for one of those, "Choose a seat not a side" thingies? My intent has been to use it as a menu board but I haven't had anywhere to hang out. Now that the big china cabinet is gone I have the perfect spot!

So, I gathered my picture hanging equipment.

I love this anchor set because it came with the perfect drill bit and I can just leave it in the package until I need it. I use the painter's tape technique for picture hanging. It's the best way I found to deal with things that have two hangers on the back. It could be simpler. (I was going to write, "It couldn't be simpler!" but let's face it...everything could always be simpler. This picture could be hung up by someone else while I was sleeping, for example.)

Step one. Put the tape on the back of your thingie and mark the center of your hangy bits with a pen.

Peel the tape off your frame or whatever and put it on the wall at the height you want. Make sure the DOTS are level. The tape itself is kinda bendy as you can see. You can move it around until your dots are level and where you want them.

Then you can hammer or screw in your hardware using whatever method your normally use....and hang up your frame.

So now I have a nice menu board in the kitchen so everyone knows what is for dinner and lunch for the week. Posting a menu online is kind of weird because then everyone knows what you are eating. As you can see I am eating ones, red ones, black ones and possibly refried ones.

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