Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bathroom Before and....Mid Point

You know that we tore up from the floor up the downstairs bathroom. Which was a great idea until we remembered that the holidays were coming and with that seasonal entertaining.

The upstairs bathroom was so oogie that I wouldn't let guests even see it..and yet it is the one everyone in the family has used for a whole year. The toilet seat even still had the boot print from where B snuck in the window the day before we closed on the house.

So we decided, like we so often do, to redo the easy part of the bathroom and leave the re-tiling nonsense for another time. We already had all the stuff! We replaced the suppppppppeeeeerr grooooooss and moldy vanity with the mysterious blood stains and the kitchen faucet. We traded the very grody and water guzzling toilet for a clean low flush model. We swapped the questionable light fixture that was two bulbs, some rust and some string with a new snazzy one. And we took out the depressing mirror and put in a fabulous one. New paint! New shower curtain! Ta Da!



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