Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This photo is titled: Waiting

I posted a shmancy black and white version on Instagram.

You are probably waiting for an update. Waiting to see photos of the bathroom and laundry room.

The bathroom is 99% done. All it needs is one outlet switched and we're in business. It looks a LOT better, just in time for holiday party season. The downstairs bathroom? Looks worse...if that is even possible. Actually I haven't cracked the door open on it in a few weeks so I am just assuming. Perhaps the elves have popped in and it is lovely now. Why are the elves cobblers? I need HGTV elves!

The laundry room is....a struggle. I have a vision and that vision is not coming to fruition. Our new pantry is an F-. We decided to get a chest freezer which derailed the counter plan. It's a mess. I can even, but I won't.

Soon I hope you'll get to see all of the fun work we've been doing but until'll have to keep waiting.

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