Monday, December 15, 2014

This is not gravy

Lots going on at Casa De Verde Montana. 


The boys and I took turns putting up the ceiling in the kitchen. B and G marked a grid in chalk to make it go faster but the installation of the laminate was really quick. It was a little cumbersome to do it over our heads but it was also exciting because each plank covered a lot of gross ceiling!

I also put together the old fashioned bed I got for my birthday! It made a big mess and I dropped it on my head once. How do you drop a bed on your own head? I have ways.

Then on black friday we scored a whirlpool tub for $130 at the Re-Store.  B and I were discussing bathroom plans and I confessed that I have always wanted a jetted tub. Ok haters. You've been telling me for years how tacky and grody they are but you know what...? I CAN NOT HEAR YOU OVER ALL OF THE RELAXING BUBBLING AND WOOSHING!

In other bathroom news, B started replacing the super loud and annoying fan in our upstairs bathroom that doesn't work.

Turns out it doesn't work because it doesn't vent anywhere. Soooooo it's literally just a noise making machine. 

I took some pictures of the new bed and the completed bedroom. Here is a before of the bedroom to refresh your memory.

And the glorious "after" from the same angle.

 It's hard to believe that it's the same room.

We hosted Friendsgiving in this house for the first time this year on 12/13/14! We pushed it back to December so more people could come...and boy did they come! We had 26 people in our little house and it was merry and bright. I made some improvements to the gate grate to make it more draft proof and decorated the house for Chrismoose/Christmas.

Here's a pre-party peek at the kitchen!

G is a good blogger's son, he knows when to move for pictures!

The party was such a blast and it was so great to share our progress with friends and neighbors. After all of the hard work it's rewarding to hear that we are getting somewhere!

When I see this I just think of it to the tune of:

We did have one party mix up. The gravy for the turkey didn't turn out...buuuut we also had hot cider on the stove. Can you guess that Snack Princess put cider on her mashed potatoes?

After the party we were totally exhausted from all the building and cleaning and so were the kitterses.

But the kitchen is LOOKING GOOD! It's so close to being done!
 My favorite part? Aren't you sweet to ask. No, it's not the ceiling....although that IS lovely. It's these beauties right here. B installed them 5 minutes before the party started. (He was in the shower washing attic gunk off when the first guests came.)

This fixture was designed and made by us and it turned out great! It's so cheerful and perfect for the kitchen.

Yup! Those are Mason jars!

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