Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 Projects of 2014

It's hard to choose because we've done so much. These are not ranked because it's way too hard to pick what has made the biggest difference!

1. White washing the fireplace was the first big win of the year. It was nerve wracking to add the first dollop of paint to the brick but it turned out lovely! 

2. Repainting the kitchen cabinets after staining them orange (accidentally) was another project that paid off in 2014. It was tedious work but the cabinets look great and have held up really well. Man, the kitchen still looks pretty sad in this photo. Now it's almost done!!

3. THE NEW FLOOR! We can't take credit for this one....well besides having the good sense to hire someone to do it...but getting the floors done in the house has made an amazing difference in our morale. Worth every penny.

4. My dog gate turned fireplace screen!

It's even seen some recent, draft reducing improvements.

5. The upstairs bath redo has made  big difference because now I feel like we are getting clean in a cleaner space. I am cautiously optimistic about the downstairs bath reno that will start and hopefully end in 2015.

6. The kitchen ceiling! Goodbye barfy water damaged popcorn and hello gorgeous barn wood planks.

7. The Super Hipster Mason Jar light fixture! Yes, we are members of the food co-op. Yes, I use fabric grocery bags. Yes, I brought my own mug from home for coffee...why do you ask? A tutorial on these is coming soon.

8. It feels weird to include so much in two words but, "The Wall" was by far the biggest project of the last year and a half:

Rebuilt, window and doors added, spackled, mudded, primed, painted, insulated and sided!

9. My award winning garden!

I wasn't even sure if I would have a garden for the first year in our wreck of a house. Not only did I have one, but it was a success! I look forward to some new experiments and learning a lot from my 2015 garden too. I can't wait to make more pickles and salsa. 

10. Paint. What did you do this year? I painted. Tasteful nudes....and walls....mostly walls.

I painted the kitchen, den, laundry room, bathroom, my office and the halls. Oh...and the odd piece of furniture.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. 

For 2015 I'd love to see the completion of the kitchen and laundry room (we're so close), the shed, new siding on the whole house and the downstairs bathroom. That looks pretty dang ambitious all out on paper like that.

I have some cute little things lined up for January. A new end table made out of a cutting board, some new crafty coat racks and another quilt!

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