Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I finally learned how to make half square triangles. It's about the easiest thing in the world.

1. Sandwich two squares together with the right sides facing in.
2. Sew around all four sides.
3. Cut along the diagonals. Ta da! You have 4 squares with half square triangles!
4. Repeat a million times.

Here are two quilts I've made while perfecting my new technique.

First a baby quilt for new baby E!

And a belated birthday present for Jean.

The laundry in the background is really a nice touch.

Those two were made with my old sewing machine so they are wonky. My old machine would occasionally eat bits of fabric, rip thread and made everything take double the time it should. My new machine is a breeze. Unless I have to change the bobbin it's smooth sailing for the whole project. I am making a huge, Queen sized blanket with it and it's going pretty well. Now cutting fabric is the thing that takes the longest.

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