Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day Bloody Snow Day

We just had 8 inches of snow! That's a lot of snow for us here. I've seen snow like that when I lived in Kentucky but around here we get excited at 3 inches of snow. It came down in big, fat, fluffy flakes and kept coming all night.

My azaleas got totally smushed.

It's a good thing we were already planning on replacing the garden fence because it is toast.

Norwegian Forest Cat.

I made a joke on Facebook that snow even makes the yard toilets look pretty...but it doesn't. I've made B promise me that the yard will be clean next year so I can finally take some decent snowy house pictures. I've started feeling empathetic with those redneck houses in the country that have crapola scattered around them. Maybe they are just remodeling! Who am I to judge? This house is teaching me patience, humility and to be less judgmental. I might be up for Sainthood when we finally flip it.

Speaking of Sainthood....Frank you're looking a little chilly.

The recycling bin is always in these snow shots....ughhh. Wait. OK. Fixed it.

We thought we wouldn't get any snow since G gave B a sled this year.

Patience. Humility. Deep breaths. 

As Huhn says, "It's tubing not tubbing." I couldn't resist.

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