Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Snow Day Fun

Last week we set up some vermicomposting at work and I brought the worms home in case it snowed. It snowed. Vermicomposting is when you feed your kitchen scraps to pet worms and they poop it out. The poop is great for your garden. It's a stink free way to compost indoors and pretty easy to set up. My first batch of worms didn't get delivered due to the ice. I can only assume they are in a better place now. The second batch of worms came from the Walmart bait section. The are called Red Wrigglers and they are busy little bee...worms

The next day I went to feed the worms and said to B, "Did you put coffee grounds in here?" B hadn't! The worms were composting already!

I got a coat at the Goodwill last fall when it was still pretty warm that I could NOT pass up. A vintage, wool, dress coat with velvet accents? Yes. Come to mama. Sadly the buttons have been rolling away while I've been wearing it so the snow day was the perfect time to sew some pretty new ones on.

B and I also did some spring cleaning and purging for the upcoming yard sale season. He went through his 342,347,234,851,943,582 pairs of pants.

50 Shades of Khaki.

Another day he made croissants from scratch. 

We cleaned up the house really well...and then we wrecked it again by moving furniture, emptying closets and working on the downstairs bathroom.

B says the downstairs bathroom will be done by Easter.

He just didn't say which year....

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  1. Go, worms!!! Go, Sugar Bear! Go, Blake! Go, Julesy! Go... Easter? :P