Thursday, March 12, 2015

Raking in the Jewels

You might remember the day I went careening around the back yard with my drill looking for wood and stealing gates.

I found the materials for three projects that day in the woods behind our house. One was the aforementioned gate-turned-fireplace screen. Another I am revealing today!

While I was stomping around I found the head to a rake. Most people would be like, "Eh. I guess I'll throw this out," but I was more like, "Score! Imma do something Pinteresty with this." I spent a while, like a year, thinking about the best use for it (JK LOL I forgot I had it for a year) until one day last month where I was trying to untangle my mound of necklaces.

Being the classy gal that I am...I keep my necklaces in a purple ceramic bowl in a big wad. When I want to wear one it takes a substantial investment of time to drag it out of the clutches of its brethren. I accidentally stole a necklace from the craft store a few weeks ago. It's a long, dangly, clacky and delicious Downton Abbey-y number and that I THOUGHT was a double strand.....alas it was two very aggressive necklaces. So on the plus side...BONUS but on the negative I have a necklace that wants to eat all of my other necklaces.

So....I hatched a plan and grabbed my drill.

If I was a good blogger, which we've established I'm not, I'd have a 30 photo tutorial on how to do this. Instead, I'll just say, grab a rake and screw it to the wall. Ta da!

I toyed with the idea of painting the rake but I liked it's rakish good looks. HAHA See what I did there? But seriously, I like the contrast of the chipped paint, rust and the fancy necklaces. 

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