Friday, March 13, 2015

Self Watering Seed Starters

Gardening. AHHHHH! This time of year I am losing my mind of seeds and garden stuff. I can not be left in a garden center alone without bringing home something.

I love to garden but I am terrible at starting seeds. This year I decided to try something new since I have a sunny window under a VERY warm vent in my office.

You know I'm all about reusing things. Last year I started seeds in K Cups (directly in the coffee grounds, it worked great) and I did the milk jug greenhouse technique. This year I wanted to try something different.

I cut water bottles in half, used an awl to poke a hole in the cap, filled it with soil and planted seeds. I only used a few seeds because I was worried it wouldn't work. I have a fear of seed wasting...I mean, they only give you like 200 of them. What if I waste 4 seeds and then I can't have 200 pepper plants? I MIGHT HAVE TO BUY MORE SEEDS.

After a little over two weeks EVERYTHING is sprouting even the dumb, old Rosemary seeds I planted on a whim. EVEN MY PEANUTS. OMG SO EXCITED TO GROW PEANUTS. It never occurred to me that I could grow them at home.

When the roots get going these will be self watering but in the meantime I am misting them when I go to check them 50 times a day. It's rewarding to check them so frequently because you can really tell the difference. (Yes. I'm excited to watch the grass grow.)

I finally sat down with all my pins and books and seed packets and made a garden plot plan for the summer. It was good to draw everything out. Then B said he was going to make me a new raised bed this weekend so I had to start over. OH NO. 

Hopefully I'll have more of a garden update for you soon but I wanted to let you know about this experiment in case you'd like to try it yourself. 

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