Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wooden't you like to take off your coat and stay a while?

The post titles get punnier and punnier. Sorry...*

Remember when I was taking trash out of the yard and making things out of it?

Well, as Britney would say, "I'm a genie in a bottle, baby."

While I was stumbling around the back yard I found THE PERFECT board. It was the kind of gray Pottery Barn would kill for. The gray that launched a thousand Pinterest sludges where steel wool was left too long in Mason Jars.

So I sawed it in half, put some fancy knobs in it and made a coat rack.


This one is my favorite because it has a fleur de lis.

No, this one is my favorite because it's pink.

Oh but this one has pearls, so it's my favorite.

But this botantical one is so shabby chic.

I don't like this one. Haha. I really don't. It looks like an echinoderm. 

This one I love though, it's pretty useless for holding things. It's just for looks. You can put like...a Barbie purse on it.

Ooh but this one is super cool because it looks like an antique eyeball. How steampunk.

This one is some Anthro inspired bidness.

I mostly made this myself and to be frank, it was a pain in the ass.

It was worth it because:

A. I learned how to use the jigsaw...thus making me unstoppable.

B. I love it.

*...that I made you think I'm sorry but I'm not.

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