Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working for Peanuts

This is going to be one of those posts where I should probably take 500 pictures and make a 50 step post about how to do this craft but instead you're going to get:
1. Put peanuts in a slinky.

Lemme back up. You can make a slinky peanut feeder for the birds. THEY LOVE IT. You can get some of the big birds that don't come to the feeder as much.

You need:
A slinky
Unsalted peanuts in the shell. You don't want to be a bird killer.

1. Cut your string about a foot long. Put it in your slinky and tie it so that you have a slinky circle with a string in the middle. This is so the slinky won't be able to stretch all the way when something pulls on it. That'll just fling peanuts everywhere and if you wanted to do that you wouldn't need to buy a slinky to do it. I thought I'd need the bread tie thingy but the yarn worked just fine.

2. Hang it outside.

3. Put peanuts in it. (Learn from my fail and don't do step 3 before step 2 or else you'll be leaving a trail of peanuts in your wake. You don't want to start the band, "And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Peanuts."

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