Sunday, April 12, 2015

Holy cow it worked! How to stretch shoes.

I'd read on Pinterest and a few other spots that you could easily stretch ill fitting shoes and make them comfy in a few minutes. I was skeptical. I generally don't buy shoes that don't fit so, while I was curious, I was not concerned....until REI made me an offer I couldn't refuse....reshoes?

These shoes were half price, a brand that I love, super cute and about a 1/2 size too small. I knew that my Jambu shoes that were the correct size hurt for a while when I got them so I put them back on the shelf....and then I remembered this trick and thought, "Hey. It's for the blog," and bought them.

It's pretty simple. Put on some super thick socks, put on the tight shoes and use your blow dryer to heat where it's tight. Do this for a few minutes and then leave the shoes on while they cool.

I didn't think this would work but I had hope. I really, really wanted it to work. 

It worked. Awesomely. When I tried on my shoes without socks I was amazed at the difference. 

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