Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Houses We Have Known Part I

It wasn't always like this.

I didn't always live in a house without a downstairs bathroom.

We generally do have light switch covers.

We haven't always had a yard that rivaled the flea market.

It hasn't always been so...adventurous...housewise.

Before we lived here we lived in five other houses together! I know! That's a lot of houses. Each house has a nick name and a good reason why we moved. (Yes, a good reason.) I thought it'd be fun to go back to Memory Ln and check out some of the other places we lived before coming to Green Mountain. 

First, I'll start you off with our previous abode. It was a lovely house, a steal, and so, so, so humongous. (For us. YMMV.) We were looking for a big house to spread out and settle down after filling the previous houses with all of our stuff. After a tumultuous house hunting season we found this beauty and moved in.

Right before we moved in, you might recall, my husband cut off his thumb. (Don't worry they reattached it.) Moving with a stubborn husband who is not allowed to use his hand at all is very challenging! 

I love a Cape Cod. Isn't she a beauty?

This house had a big back deck that we hardly ever used because it had almost no privacy. 

I do not miss mowing the huge lawn. I hope to never mow a lawn again.

Next time we'll tour the first floor with Sugarbear! 


  1. Yes, it can be hard to have any privacy with A HUMONGOUS RACCOON-BEAR on the deck all the time!

  2. Wonderful! I love reading stories like this, you must have been so proud. Hope you're all doing well now!