Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Favorite Things Spring 15

I love when the blogs I read do a "Favorite Things" post so I'm going to try my hand at one. You guys know I'm not sponsored by anyone so these are my own opinions. (And you also know that my real favorite things are covered with fur.)

I generally have a pony tail holder on my wrist ready for emergencies but sometimes they can look a little dingy. I have these in gold and it looks just like a bracelet! Since they spend more time on my wrist than in my hair this is a perfect solution.

Iced coffee is my favorite thing ever and I make it at home every day. This glass cold cup from Starbucks is sturdy and beautiful. (And environmentally friendly.)

I fell in love with this perfume when I read the description on the Internet. I bought a roller ball of it before my best friend's wedding and wear it almost every day. My previous favorite was:

I wore that for about four years. It takes me a while to go through perfume. Honorable mention goes to Tokyo Milk French Kiss 15:

I bought this on a whim at a sample sale for about $4. It's my special occasion perfume.

Now that we're gearing up to garden season I'll be wearing my daily summer uniform of my linen pinafore and galoshes:

This is not me, obviously, I wear mine over a sundress like every single day when I'm feral in the summer.

Shout out to Miss. Baby A for introducing me to my favorite yogurt:

A middle aged white lady has a favorite yogurt? No surprise there....except that I hate yogurt. I'm not one of those, "If I'm good I can have a tiny yogurt as a little treat"-people. This yogurt doesn't taste like yogurt. It's awesome. I made my mom eat some and she was skeptical but she liked it too. I mix it with Cracklin' Oat Bran...aka the best cereal ever. It has coconut in it.

I can't get enough of the "Chef" soundtrack. It was an adorable movie that we really enjoyed but the music was incredible. We downloaded it as soon as the movie was over. 

and one more because this one kills me:

I've also been listening to Run the Jewels 2 and the LMFAO Station on Pandora almost constantly. I'm not ashamed. 

Oh and one more smelly thing that I like:

This is the Dragon's Blood Goat's Milk Soap by Zum Bar. It smells so good. I bought it for B because he didn't like the hand soap at his work. He kept coming home smelling like a Kirkland's. Now he smells like the dirty hippy he is. 

For reading material can I recommend:

As long as your mom is not my mom this is the perfect thing to get her for Mother's Day. This magazine is so good. It has dense articles about local treasures, historical goodies, secret recipes and is even educational! It's a far cry from the two dimensional prattle you see in other magazines.

My last favorite thing is getting library books for free on my Kindle. It is the BEST. Free books without leaving the house. A bunch of my holds just came in and I'm so excited to gobble the up this weekend. 

Other things I'm currently all over? Anything garden related, this weather, thrift-ed skirts, baby chicks and ducks and black eyed peas.

Oh...and cat hats. Very in this year.

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