Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pigging Out

A few months back we had dinner at a neighbor's house. You guys. YOU GUYS. Their house was so cozy. It was rich, warm and filled with antiques. Candles were lit all over. This was a house that really said, "Come on in."

I was totally jealous.

While I won't be able to mimic the overall look of the house, I did latch on to one clever idea right away. They had used old cutting boards to make rustic end tables. We needed an end table, we like yeah...I was in.

I found a cheap cutting board at Ollie's. Paula Dean's loss is my gain, ya'll. But then spent about six months trying to find legs for the darn thing. Crates? Wood? Spindles? Candle sticks? Lamp bases?

Then we were at the TROSA Thrift Store and I found the cutest rickety step stool. It was totally gross, completely unsafe and only $2. Score!

I brought it home at cleaned it in the bathtub with Murphy's Oil Soap. B tightened everything up and screwed the cutting board on.

It's super weird but I love it. 

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