Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Bathroom Remodel Progresses

Excavation has begun on the bathroom. Of all the projects in the house this has been one of the few that we found in our inspection report. Since the house is a foreclosure the Seller doesn't make repairs... so every time you sat on the toilet you said a little prayer about the rotten subfloor. The question was..., "How rotten is it?"

Pretty rotten.

And this patch they so shabbily put in has always had a nice view of the crawl space.

Careful! Don't spill your Red Bull!

 Beneath the rotten subfloor is a rotten beam. It was soft enough to put the shovel through and crumbled in B's hands. I'm starting to think the only thing keeping the toilet afloat was the sewer pipe it was sitting on.

The good news is that the rot doesn't extend to the entire subfloor as we feared and doesn't continue all the way under the tub.

While B was doing this I was working in the garden...but I kept feeling like something was in my shoe.

This weekend my adorable, teeny tiny, baby nephews went to prom. We also bought Mr. G a tux for his Junior prom. I can't handle all the feelings.

We also got the first installment of veggies from our CSA! I like having a CSA because it rounds out whatever it going on in the garden, and they usually get things a few weeks before I can grow it myself.

Cheer up, CSA Box. You'll be filled with yummy veggies again soon.

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  4. A lot of things have been happening there. Anyone can see that the bathroom is a mess for now. But, for sure there will be a lot of progress that will happen in the future. Can't wait to see them.

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